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The Role of Virtual Communities in Gambling and Gaming

With the rise of online gaming platforms on the internet, it is important that gamers build communities for themselves where they can educate, inform, and alert fellow gamers about choosing the right games and platforms for a healthy and safe gaming experience.

Gambling opportunities are facilitated by the growth
of the Internet and social media platforms

Gambling and Gaming Behaviors

Understand the gambling and gaming behaviours of the online gaming community and learn the perspectives of other gamers to improve and improvise on your gaming strategies.

Monetary Features 99%
Microtransactions 95%
Gamblers and Gamers 89%
Social Media Platforms 84%


"Being a part of such a widespread community helps me feel safe while playing online casino games."

Hazel M Beck

"It is crucial for gamblers to find a community like this at the beginning of their career to find the right advice."

Clyde T Tatum

"I have been a member of this community for over a year now and have learnt a lot during this time."

Marie W Luther
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