Flintstones Bedrock City [Grand Canyon Arizona]

Come to Flintstones Bedrock City for some fun on the Way to Grand Canyon National Park.

Fred's Diner - Flinstones Bedrock City - Eat well at Fred's Diner within our Theme Park on the way to Grand Canyon National Park.

Be prepared to satisfy your hunger by stopping at Fred's Diner.  We recommend you order Fred's favorite foods such as Bronto Burgers, Chickasaurus Dinner, Fishasaurus Sandwich, and end your meal with a piece of Gravelberry Pie.  Don't let the kids miss out on the Dino Dogs!

Fred and Dino - Flinstones Bedrock City - A theme park and campground on the way to Grand Canyon National Park.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Daily Specials are Available!

Grab a Snack
We always have 5˘ Coffee, Danish, and Muffins.

Organized Group Discount (call for reservations)

Summer Hours
6 am-11 am Breakfast
11 am-8:30 pm Lunch/Dinner

Winter Hours

7 am-11 am Breakfast
11 am-4 pm Lunch/Dinner


Grand Canyon National Park Restaurant
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